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<b>The Canadian Genealogy Centre Web site hosts a new partner's
July 22, 2003 (Ottawa)</b> - The Canadian Genealogy Centre, the Jewish
Genealogical Society of Montreal, and the Jewish Genealogical Society of
Ottawa announce the release of a new database on the Canadian Genealogy
Centre Web site.
<a href="http://www.genealogie.gc.ca/" eudora="autourl">http://www.genealogie.gc.ca</a>
Of interest to a wide number of Canadians, this database contains the
names of thousands of immigrants to Canada who became naturalized in the
early 20<font size=1><sup>th</sup></font> century.
This new genealogical resource was created by the Jewish Genealogical
Societies of Ottawa and of Montreal. A partnership concluded with the
Canadian Genealogy Centre allows the Societies to give the widest
possible access to this resource through the Centre's Web site. This kind
of partnership is an example of how the Canadian Genealogy Centre is
working in cooperation with genealogical and other societies to develop
new content online.
Lists of immigrants who became Canadian citizens and received Canadian
naturalization certificates between the years 1915 to 1951 were published
in two, until now, rarely-used sources for genealogy research: the
Secretary of State sessional papers and the <i>Canada Gazette</i>. The
database contains the first phase of the project and presents the lists
of immigrants from 1915 to 1932. The new database will be a
treasure-trove for those doing family research because it is one of the
few Canadian genealogical resources specifically designed to benefit
researchers with roots outside the Commonwealth, for example, from the
countries of Eastern Europe.
&quot;Without the help of its many partners, the Library and Archives
Canada would not be able to provide all the programs it offers to the
public today,&quot; said Ian Wilson, National Archivist.
The Canadian Genealogy Centre Web site, providing access to genealogical
resources in Canada or of interest to those with roots in Canada, is made
possible in part by the Canadian Culture Online Program of the Department
of Canadian Heritage. Launched in March 2003, the Web site is already
receiving more than 750,000 hits a month. It was recently named one of
101 best family history Web sites by <i>Family Tree Magazine</i> due to
its appeal to a wide audience, ease of use, available resources and clear
Visit <font color="#0000FF"><u>Genealogical research</u></font> to
consult the 1915-1932 Canadian naturalization database.

Carl Ulrich, Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Researching Kreisberg from Czernowitz and Sadgura, and Liflander from

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