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Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 08:08:29 -0400
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Hello Listers,

Thanks to Carl Ulrich in Edmonton for pointing out the availability of the
Canadian Naturalization database 1915-1932, a project of the Jewish
Genealogical Societies of Ottawa and Montreal. The database is hosted by
the Canadian Genealogy Centre, a service of the Library and Archives Canada.

I want to point out that this database will be of value for _anyone_ who had
family members who became naturalized Canadian citizens during the years
1915-1932. Thus, anyone who had family that settled in Canada may find
useful information here. Researching Canadian naturalization has often,
until now, been one of the more laborious genealogy tasks. We hope this
makes things a bit easier.

Work has already begun in Montreal and Ottawa on the second half of the
project, covering the years 1933-1951; and the work of fulling indexing the
names of the first half continues.

The direct link to the Canadian Naturalization database 1915-1932 website


Donna Dinberg
Librarian, Jewish Genealogy Society of Ottawa
Systems Librarian/Analyst
Library and Archives Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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