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From: Bernie Levy <>
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 21:01:01 -0400
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These photos are simply marvelous!

On 9/14/2003 12:20 AM, jerome schatten wrote:

> Greetings again Czernowitzers!
> I wish to call your attention to eleven extraordinary photographs
> taken by one Eduard Kassner in 2003 in Czernowitz. The resolution
> is most excellent even when reduced for the web. Perhaps the most
> interesting is the clock tower of the 'Rezidentzia', where a
> close look will show a ring of mogandavids around the dome. An
> even closer look will show pigeons sitting among the mogandavids.
> My informant remembered these mogandavids from when he was a boy
> in Czernowitz and induced the photographer, a friend of his to
> take the picture.
> The eleven pictures, now on our website, are at:
> In about a week's
> time I will be moving them into the general photos section of the
> site.
> The original high resolution images (ranging from 500Kb to 1.5Mb)
> are on Eduard's website:
> Best,
> jerome
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