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Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2003 00:17:46 -0300
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I am posting this on behalf of Vlad Sinayuk, a native Czernowitzer, whose
maternal grandparents came from Sikuran, Bessarabia, today in Ukraine.

Vlad's family research focuses on BURDMAN, BRONFMAN, WEINSTEIN/ WARNER

Some alternative names for Sikuran: Sokiryany, Sekiryani, Sekurian,
Sokorone, Secureni Targ, Sekiryani, Sekureni Targ; Sekuren, Sekureni,
Sokiryany, Sekuryani

Please forward any replies to Vladimir Sinayuk
| Ph: 718.892.0453 | Fax: 413.714.4928

Thank you in advance!

Carlos Glikson

This is my first-posting to this list, so please let me know if it is
appropriate. My mother's parents came from SIKURAN in BESSARABIA prior
to the Holocaust. My grandfather was VOLF BURDMAN, and his father was
ISRAEL BURDMAN. ISRAEL had two children with a first wife whose name is
unknown to us. These children were: FRIMA (FANNY) BURDMAN (married
surname: WEINSTEIN) who emigrated to the U.S. around 1920, and MENASHE
BURDMAN who emigrated either to Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, or another
country in the Americas around the same year. I am seeking information
about MENASHE and his descendents. I have some information on FRIMA's
descendents: son - WILLIAM WARNER (formerly WEINSTEIN) and grandson
(JACK WEINSTEIN), but unfotunately we have lost touch since her funeral
in 1988 and they can't be tracked down. I hope to find them, partly in
the hope that they can shed some light on MENASHE and his descendents.
I have a small JPEG file of an old photo of ISRAEL, FRIMA, and MENASHE
BURDMAN in case someone would like to take a look at it.

Also, I would also like to seek info on the family of my grandmother,
whose maiden name was BRUCHA BRONFMAN. However, I'll save that for a
separate email.

Any advice?


Vladimir Sinayuk | Ph: 718.892.0453 | Fax: 413.714.4928 | Email:
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