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From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 11:37:00 -0500

<x-flowed>One of our Czernowitz list members, Melita
Fuhrman Vickter, just received the letter below
from Ray Guggenheim with further information
about how to help Joseph Burg. While I hesitate
to use our list to distribute appeals for
financial aid, I know that many of you are as
interested as I in helping those who have been so
much a part of the culture of the Bukowina. I
hope you won't mind this one last message.


Dear Mr. Guggenheim,

I received the attached email from my friend,
Bruce Reisch. I had the pleasure to visit with
Joseph Burg when I was in Czernowitz last year.

Please send me instructions on how to send funds
for him. Would it be possible to mail you a

Best wishes,
Melita (Fuhrman) Vickter

Dear Mrs. Vickter

Thank you very much for your e-mail of December
2. I am utmost thankful to Bruce Reisch, sending
my message of urgent help to Joseph Burg to many
of his friends. With great satisfaction I realize
the number of friends Joseph Burg has around the
world who are willing to support him and by this
declaring their strong personal and/or mental
relation/connection to this great personality -
the last great jiddisch author of the eastern

I am leaving on December 11 with a truck of 20
tons of humanitarian goods (hospital and surgery
equipment, medicaments, wheel chairs, bandage
material, clothing, shoes, toys, bicycles,
computers and a lot more) to the Ukraine and will
also be in Czernowitz around December 14 when I
will visit my friend Joseph Burg. At this
occasion I promised him that I will definitively
not come with empty hands.

If you want to support this action, the best way
would be to make a transfer to my bank account in
Zurich, by letting me know in advance by e-mail
the amount you are sending, so I can take it
already with me when leaving to the
Ukraine/Czernowitz soon.

Any transfer should be made to:

Dreikšnigstrasse 6, Postfach, CH-8022 Zurich
Bank Clearing No. 8573

Acct. No. 411388-051333 / 26
Silvia Guggenheim

I am most touched about the positive echo of my
emergency-action and would like to thank you
already in advance - also in the name of Joseph
Burg - for hour help and sympathy.

With kindest regards and best wishes, yours
Raymond M. Guggenheim
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