Revisiting times nad places...

From: Lucca Ginsburg <>
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 14:20:06 +0200
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<FONT size=2>One of the members of the group asked the other day if someone
can give details as to the location of the Meisler School.</FONT>
<FONT size=2>I will try.</FONT>
<FONT size=2>When entering the Landhausgasse from the Hauptstrasse and
walking along until the end of the street, one reaches the last building, which
is the corner house of Landhausgasse and Nikolausgasse. It was (is) a plain,
unadorned building, a rarity among the many proud Baroque buildings of
<FONT size=2>We had such happy childhoods there, we were taught by a superb
team of teachers, and in addition to Rumanian and German, most of us had a
working knowledge of French by the time we were 10 years old. We were taught, at
a young age, the correct approach to study which we put to good use in later

<FONT size=2>Visiting Czernowitz again after many, many years, my friend
Anita and I walked along the Landhausgasse in order to takea look at our
school. We found it. Practically unchanged. The only thing which was
strange...the entrance, the door through which we had entered the school each
day, ....had disappeared. We walked around the building again and again and
found no way through which one could enter it!</FONT>
<FONT size=2>"Maybe one goes in through the roof!" joked my
<FONT size=2>Checking again and again we found a small door from the
Nikolausgasse, hardly noticeable. We finally walked in and looked around. So
changed, so neglected, it seemed another place altogether and no soul around
except for a hungry cat.</FONT>
<FONT size=2>Anita and I walked out again. Silent, sad and disappointed.
But what did we really expect?</FONT>
<FONT size=2>Sincere greetings to you all,</FONT>
<FONT size=2>Lucca.</FONT>


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