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Dear Aaron,

I am afraid that I cannot help you with any of the questions that you ask.

But I am wondering if you might be related to Eric Roll, who lived as a
child in Czernowitz, and came to England in 1925. He became an eminent
civil servant, and was awared a peerage, becoming Lord Roll. He was born in
1907 in Nowosielitza. His parents were Mathias and Fany, his father being
one of seven children. I got these details from his autobiography "Crowded
Hours", most of which is concerned with his time in Government service.

This may or may not be of any relevance to you! I am copying this to the
List in case anyone else has any thoughts.

Best regards,

David Glynn

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> To all Czernowitz site members
> My apology in taking this opportunity of publishing a question to the
> members (I have no idea how to get the list of members).
> I have exhausted all resources known to me (No much left due to ageing and
> Holocaust acts).
> I am looking for any information in regard to my Grandfather Jacob Roll
> lived in Czernowitz in the family house at Brauhausgasse, deceased in 1944
> (probably).
> He worked as an accountant in the local Beer Factory and was married to
> Rachel (Kohler) Roll (Rachel came from Kohler family that resided in
> Costynci - 25 Km west of Czernowitz - owning a farm land there).
> To some account he was belong to the Viznich Hasidim stream.
> He may have a brother named Mayer Roll.
> Could anybody help in this matter...., his parents and parents where
> Brothers, birth place, birth date, education, occupation, anything....
> I am the last and only remain of the family and am appreciating any help.
> Thanks in advance
> Aaron Roll
> Toronto
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> Dear all,
> Does the name Daniel Rachmuth mean anything to anybody?
> There is a 1942 Cernauti Jewish ID card for him on ebay, with photograph.
> The link is
> Best regards + Happy Chanukah,
> David
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