RE: Search for information about members of the Straucher Family from Chernowitz

From: Zvi Straucher <>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 18:59:39 +0200
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Dear Mr. Reisch
First of all thanks a lot for your effort. Regrettably I know very
little about the father of my grandfather. I assume his first name was
Israel as on a tombstone of his daughter (Dora Straucher) I found the
name Israel. The name of my grandfather was Moritz and he was registered
in a Chernowitz address book in 1908 as Moritz Straucher,
DampfsŐgeunternehmer, Bilaerg. 49. No sign for Israel. The wife of
Israel Kamila Straucher married Mr. Rudes in Chernowitz after 1910.
Moritz married Yetti Glaubach in Chernowitz around 1900 and had five
children with her including my father Wilhelm Straucher born in 1907.
I would like to ask if any one of the list members have some written
material about the way of life and kind of person Benno Straucher was,
as in our family the name was known but no written traces.
Regards Zvi Straucher

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Family from Chernowitz

Dear Zvi:

I spent some time last night "looking" for Israel Straucher.╩ Can you
tell me (and the group) more about him?╩ Was he known in the US by the
name or did he change his given name and/or surname after arrival?╩ What
year was he born?╩ Did he arrive via the port of New York and did he
arrive through Boston, Philadelphia or elsewhere?╩ Where did he live in
the U.S.?

I couldn't find him listed on the database.╩ I also
searched the 1920 and 1930 US federal census.╩ The closest listing I
could find was for Isador Strauch of Memphis, Tennessee.

If you can tell me any more about him, I might be able to help you

Best regards,


Hi, To Whom It May Concern from the Cernowitz-L list members!
My name is Zvi Straucher. I live in Haifa Israel. I just joined the
Cernowitz-L list. My interest in the Jewish community of Cernowitz stems
from the fact that the uncle of my grandfather was Benno Straucher. I am
looking for information about his brother ISRAEL? Who probably left to
the US after 1912 and left his wife Kamila with two children (one of
them Moritz Straucher - my grandfather) in Cernowitz. I my self was born
in Rumania in 1944 and came to Israel in 1950 with my parents Wilhelm &
Rachel Straucher. I renewed my interest in the Cernowitz community just
recently, regretfully only after my Father died, as Benno Straucher was
at our house a "persona non grata" for not being a Zionist and probably
not a very nice person. Any how I now will be very happy getting any
information about the Straucher family in Cernowitz or any-where else.
Thanks in advance
Zvi Straucher ╩╩

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