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Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 12:28:00 -0500
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I suspect they are different Bertha Rittbergs, but thought
I'd mention that my father's second cousin, Sam Joseph
Handler married a Bertha Rittberg in 1948 in Mountaindale,
NY. I have met them both (he goes by Joe) and they live in
Ellenville, NY. They have 5 children and many grandchildren
but I don't have you among them on the records.

But just in case they are a connection I thought it worth
writing to you. I don't have anything on Bertie's family
history, but can put you in touch with some of the
children/grandchildren from that branch if you would like.

To everyone in the group, hello. It's been the most
stressful year of my life between two businesses, renovating
a new house, and over the last week between snow storms,
moving to our new house. So I've just been skimming the
digests and keeping up with all of you in the background.

All the best for 2004.

Michelle Handler
North Carolina

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> Subject: New Member
> Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 15:09:36 -0500
>> Dear Czernowitz-Sadagora Group,
> I'm a new member of this online group interested in
> the history and = culture of Czernowicz and Sadagora. My
> connection is through my = grandmother, Bertha (Beyla)
> Rittberg, who grew up in Sadagora pre-1900, = and used to
> regale me as a young child with tales of Kaiser Franz
> Josef, = mostly fanciful, I'm sure. The Rittbergs has an
> import-export business.
> I'd like to learn more about the area as it was then
> and as it is now = and look forward to hearing from
> members.
> Regards,
> Martha Birnbaum
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