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<FONT face=Arial size=2>I have just joined this group though I have been
researching my mother's family genealogy for several years. My maternal
grandfather, Abraham Stettner, was born in Staneshti, Austriain 1885 and
came to the US in 1902. His mother, Leah Chave Katz, was born in Kitzman,
Austria about 1855, and married Max(Meyer) Stettner.My maternal
grandmother, Anne Feller, was born in Sadagura in 1887. Her parents were
Leah Hacker (Hecker) and Kalman Feller. I know very little about Kalman-
except that he never came to the US, and I presume he died in Austria. I
am hoping to make connections with others researching these names/regions- Linda

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