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Please inform me if anyone knows anything about author, poet, Alfred
Margul-Sperber. Born Strojinetz 1898, lived in Romania, died 1967 in
Bucharest. Promoted German-language literature in Romania and was the
mentor of Paul Celan, a well-known poet.
I came across a piece of paper while cleaning out my cupboards, in which
he writes to me in '58, dedicating his latest poem to me via my mother.
He sent me a typed version of his own translation into perfect English,
of his then latest poem titled:
"My mother's saying" and on the bottom, handwritten,- "dedicated to my
little friend Malvy" (he knew me as a little child 10 years previously!).
I had totally forgotten about it of course,- although his last
connection to my family recently passed away here in Melbourne,
Australia,- the last surviving sibling of his wife Yetty.
Through a Google search I find that he is very well represented in the
literature. I just wonder whether there is anyone with a more personal
knowledge of this man and his work. I will probably send this item to
the Jewish Museum in Vienna,- eventually.
Regards and best wishes to all for 2004.
Malvina Malinek (Schwartz, Walzer).

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