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I visited the Czernowitz cemetery in 2002 and found my ggm ggf's graves from a photo that belonged to my grandmother (They died in 1926 and 1932). For more details on how I found them go to:

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Working on the burial registers last month, I found my great grandmother's listing on one of the pages I was transcribing.

Best regards,
Melita Fuhrman Vickter

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 Dear Merle,
 I don't know exactly what the cemetery register transcription
 When I returned to Czernowitz after so many decades, I visited the
cemetery there with a picture of my grandmother's grave who died and was
buried there in 1931. The photo was supposed to help me find her grave, but
when I faced the destruction and the complete state of neglect there, I knew
that I did not have a chance.
 The name of my grandmother: Malka Weisinger.

 While I stood there sad and helpless, a man approached me and said: The
tomb stones right in front, which means the once located in the front rows,
can still be seen and identified. What you are looking for....I greatly
doubt that you will be able to locate this grave!

 The man who talked to me turned out to be Mathias Zwilling, who had shared
a school bench with me in the Meisler School. I remembered him as a pale and
delicate child, very spoiled, or rather very protected by his mother who was
a pediatrician. He had a photo in his pocket of the children of the 4th
grade, the kind of photo which is taken at the end of the school year of
pupils together with teachers. He always hoped to find former school
friends, just like I did - do.
 Anyway, this photo marked the end of 4 elemtary school years, as well as
the end of our carefree childhood.
 It was the memorable year of 1940.
 Mathias never left Czernowitz. He finished his studies and became an
engineer, and now, as a pensioner, he tried to exist on 10 dollars a month.
He told me furthermore that he tutored some children in math and physics,
thus trying to improve his income, but the demand for private lessons exists
, and sometimes doesn't.
 Back in Israel we corresponded for a while, but then one day I was
notified of his death. I mourned him as well as his sad and wasted life.

 Getting back to the initial subject, do you think there is a way to find
my grandmother's tomb? Hers was a sturdy and upright headstone. She died
when I was one year old.

 All the best to all of you,

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