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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 14:33:27 EDT
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   Further to my last mail:

   1) No, Nick, I can't remember the Hotel Paris, it must have been before my
time, or at least before I knew about hotels in the city. The best Hotel in
Czernowitz was the "Schwarze Adler", upon my return visit to my hometown,
they told me that it is infested by rats and one can spend a night there for
5 dollars. But who would want to? Oh, God, it used to be the highest idea of
luxury. One of the few buildings in the city with a mirrored elevator.

   2) I did not answer an original question:The Cafe L'Europe was on the left
side, when going up the Herrengasse from the Ringplatz. The first street to
the left was called Dr. Rothgasse.

   3) Last but not least. Somehow I am allergic to misspelled words, and I
caught my own misspelling which is shameful. It should be "skating rink" and
not skating ring.

   All the best, Lucca

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> Hi, Lucca,
> I enjoyed reading some of your memories of the Cafe L'Europe. Thanks
> sharing with the group.
> I wonder if you also knew the Hotel Paris in Czernowitz? It was owned
> one time by a cousin, and my father spoke of visiting there when he was
> about 13. Bruce Reisch took pictures of the building when he was there
> a few years ago.
> My relatives there were the Glaubachs, Regenstreifs, and Jeres families.
> The Hotel Paris was owned by Adolf Schapira, whose mother was a sister
of my
> greatgrandmother, Sure Jeres.
> Thank you for any thoughts.
> Nick Martin
> Dallas, Texas

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