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I just searched the NY Times historical database on "Hitzig", and found =
a news article, datelined July 21, 1940,. [I've attached it, but because =
it is copyrighted you probably should not post it.]

The article, headlined "Cernauti Orderly after Soviet Forces Move In," =
describes the Soviet seizure of the city, and mentions someone who was =
almost certainly a second cousin of mine [my grandfather, born in 1869, =
was the youngest of 15 children of Osias Hitzig] in the following quote =
: "During the first week after the occupation, Herr Hitzig, a lawyer =
was in charge of the city, but was then replaced by a Ukrainian from =

Does anyone here know anything about "Mayor" Hitzig, or about the Soviet =
taking of the city?

Neal Hitzig

Husi, Romania]

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