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Tree removal is the costliest and most labor intensive part of the landscape
restoration. First what are the species of the trees? Are they mainly the
taproot or spreading type? Second, selective retaining and pruning are
viable alternatives. Third, stump removal is labor intensive and costly. In
some cases these stumps can be used as a base. Here creative thinking is
rewarding. Fourth, it is not necessary to have the entire area constantly
trimmed to lawn height. Fifth, yes, a cemetery care fund is an excellent
idea, but the judicial oversight from 3,000 miles away is not simple. Sixth,
once the excitement and interest of the 100 and 600 year anniversaries
passes, this list becomes even more important for reports from visitors.
Today we want to go at the same time and meet there, but later it would be
more important to have periodic first hand reports.

Steven, congratulations on your award. You'll tell us all about it at the
Yiddish club conference in California in October.

mit frayndshaft,


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