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I posted the following two messages to the JewishGen Discussion Group et al
at the end of April, but didn't to our Czernowitz group, so it was suggested
to me that I post them here as well. I understand that some Czernowitzers
were interviewed by the Shoah Foundation Institute, so I suppose you can
find out who, etc. by using the SFI search engine, etc. Again, if some
Cz'ers have given testimony (there are actually 292 testimonies whose
interviewees listed Cernauti, Romania as their birthplace; yes, 292), I urge
you to contact me, make duplicates of your interview, and allow me to enter
excerpts of said testimonies in my Cz online exhibition.

Here are my two previous postings concerning accessibility to the Shoah
Foundation Institute testimonies:

First posting:

Subject: Shoah Foundation Institute Interviews available for viewing

>>> Greetings,
>>> For those of you interested in seeing and hearing any of the more than
>>> 50,000 Survivor's testimony as recorded by Spielberg's Shoah Foundation,
>>> you can look up various testimonies by going to
>>> http://tc.usc.edu/vhitc/(a5qv3ljm0eadavnyww5wnlfw)/terms.aspx. This will
>>> give you information about the interviewee and will enable you to
>>> proceed
>>> with setting up an appointment with a physical site thatt has access to
>>> this
>>> archive testimony. Before you are allowed to use their search engine,
>>> you
>>> will have to accept their "Terms of Use" by clicking on the "I Accept"
>>> button. This will take you to the list of the "type" of survivor. Out of
>>> the
>>> 50,656 interviews conducted, there are currently 48,361 Jewish
>>> Survivor's
>>> testimonies.
>>> Note that the project is now officed at the University of Southern
>>> California and, having met their goal of 50,000 interviews, has now
>>> stopped
>>> interviewing Holocaust survivors and is concentrating more on the
>>> genocide
>>> in Rwanda. One can, however, visit a variety of sites (universities)
>>> where
>>> one can view the testimonies. On their website, in the comfort of your
>>> own
>>> home, you can only see representative excerpts from various interviews
>>> that
>>> they select. The sheer number of interviews that they've conducted makes
>>> it
>>> impossible to put each of them on the internet, though the Institute is
>>> always thinking of new ways to present the material. If you plan on
>>> visiting
>>> one of the sites mentioned below, you should first contact Doug Ballman,
>>> manager of the online archival access, at dougb_at_usc.edu to set up an
>>> appointment to view the testimonies, etc.
>>> You can use the Shoah Foundation Institute search engine by searching
>>> any
>>> number of parameters, e.g. name of interviewee, date of birth, country
>>> and
>>> city of birth, religious identity, ghetto name, camp name, did they go
>>> into
>>> hiding, location of liberation, and more. For example, if you just
>>> search
>>> under location of liberation and select Dachau, and fill in no other
>>> search
>>> field, you will find that there are 337 such testimonies where the
>>> interviewee stated that Dachau was their location of liberation. It will
>>> list the survivor's name, the language that was used during the
>>> interview,
>>> as well as results of the other search parameters, such as those
>>> mentioned
>>> above.
>>> The physical sites (universities) available for viewing the individual
>>> testimonies, that have access to the entire archive of testimonies, are
>>> listed below. As they add more sites in the future, they will add the
>>> names
>>> of these sites to their website:. Most of these sites are in the United
>>> States, but they also exist in Berlin, Germany and Melbourne Australia:
>>> 1) University of Southern California here in Los Angeles, CA
>>> 2) Rice University in Houston, TX
>>> 3) Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY
>>> 4) University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI
>>> 5) University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN
>>> 6) University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC
>>> 7) Duke University in Durham, NC
>>> 8) North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC
>>> 9) Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL
>>> 10) University of California, San Diego in San Diego, CA
>>> 11) US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC
>>> 12) Free University in Berlin, Germany
>>> 13) Monash University in Melbourne, Australia
>>> 14) Columbia University in New York, NY

Second posting:

Subject: More info on the Shoah Foundation Interviews.....
> Greetings,
> I received an email from the Institute today after I learned that one can
> also view testimonies (in French) at the Memorial de la Shoah in France
> (not
> included in my original list of sites) and wrote to them once again. I
> learned that there are many institutions around the world that have
> incorporated copies of testimonies on DVD or VHS into their permanent
> collections. However, these collections involve a limited number of
> testimonies, and the physical copies don't have any kind of search tool to
> help locate specific material (as there is on the SFI site.) There are a
> few
> large collections, e.g. the one int
> Paris that I have mentioned, that has all testimonies given in the French
> language and given by residents of France in other languages, which
> amounts
> to over eighteen-hundred testimonies. Similar collections exist in The
> Netherlands and in Italy. If you'd like to see where these other
> collections
> lie, please visit
> http://college.usc.edu/vhi/download/TestimoniesAroundtheWorld_PDF.pdf .
> One doesn't have to make an appt. to see testimonies at the USHMM.
> However,
> at the other sites, i.e. the fifteen mentioned in my previous posting,
> while
> they have all 50,000 + testimonies in their possession, they are not all
> available immediately for viewing, and it could take forty-eight hours or
> so
> for the archive/site to get it and upload it so you can see it. This is
> why
> you should write/call in advance, so they can find specifically what you
> are
> looking for and have it prepared for you when you get there.

Hope this helps some.....

Steven Lasky
New York
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