Re: [Cz-L] Family AUERBACH in Czernowitz during 1900-1935

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Dear Dr. Ben-Zvi:

At 0:51 +0200 3/30/08, Nurit wrote:

>The family lived on 31 Brauhausgasse st. until (probably) the second
>half of the 30' in last century.

>(3) Since my family lived on Brauhausgasse st., I would like to know
>more about the neighborhood: I tried to locate this street on the maps
>of Chernowitz and could
>not find the street there - even by relating to its Romanian name and
>Russian. Does any of you know where can I have information about the

If you go to our group web site <>, scroll down
on the left side to the Czernowitz Street Translator - a terrific
resource which our members helped create. You will find link on the
Street Name Translator page to two different city maps, one labeled
Planul and the other Stadtplan. Now go to the link to street names
"Sorted by German Names" and scroll down on this page till you see
Brauhausgasse. In the Romanian era it was known as Razboeni and at
this point in time it is now known as Lukiana Kobylitsi. The table
also gives you the coordinates for these streets on the two maps,
Planul and Stadtplan. This will help you locate the neighborhood of
your parents and grandparents. I hope other list members will let
you know if they are familiar with the Auerbach or Halm families.

I hope this is helpful.

Welcome to the group!

Bruce Reisch
(list owner)

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