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Hi Bobby
Thank you so much for your email below...can you add any approximately years
to your information? I would be very grateful...
Hi Cora,
 From the internet traffic I realized you got answers for the mountain called
As far as the soccer team Maccabi goes, there are Maccabi teams in Israel
and every 4 years there are Maccabi Games (Jewish Olympics). In the US Mark
Spitz is the "poster child", for these games. The Cernauti Maccabi soccer team
was active in the B Division of the Romanian soccer league, and was about to
advance to the A league, but did not succeed, I don't remember whether it was
due to having failed on the field, or due to antisemitic measures. There
were other Jewish sports clubs, they had soccer teams, but it was all minor
league stuff.
                                                 I hope this answers some of
your querries, good luck Bobby
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