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This is a bit off-topic in the sense that the link to Czernowitz is
somewhat tenuous. My father was born in Czernowitz but his family
moved to Vienna when he was a kid. Anyway, both he and his
brother-in-law played for Hakoah Wien in the late 1920's, early 30s. My
father was Max Fuhr, and played left wing. My uncle (the
brother-in-law) played right wing. He was Tiby Wegner., who went on to
play for Austria. The centre forward was Norbert Katz, who also played
for Austria and was one of my Dad's best friends. Hakoah Wien was one
of the most powerful sides around at the time. They came to England to
play some exhibition matches in the early 1930s and shocked the pundits
by beating West Ham easily.

OK. nothing to do with Czernowitz really, but I thought I would share
it all the same.

All the best

Mike wrote:

>Hi Bobby
>Thank you so much for your email below...can you add any approximately years
>to your information? I would be very grateful...
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