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I'm reading you with greatest interest. This question of languages was
special for me, daughter of a Rumanian father (born in Kaczyka) and a
Tcheque mother. My paternal grand father was born in Czernowitz.

Did you see Nurit Aviv's film "Lesafa misafa"? It is about the way people
managed between their mother tongue and hebrew. Aaron Appelfeld participated
to the film.

I never had the chance to know what languages my grand father talked.

Anne Rosenberg,

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> Czernowitzers: This from Hedwig concerning language came to me
> personally but obviously was meant for the list:
> Here a little bit of my opinions about the languages in Czernowitz..Yes
> it is an dialect and Prof.Zaber from a german university wrote some books
> about the different dialects of the german language. In Czernowitz the
> "Roscher Schwaben" has their dialect, the "Zipzer"in the Dobrogea, they
> were fisherman, have their dialect and spoke otherwise,
> and finally the"Sachsen"from Transilvania having and other dialect...
> I spoke with my parents also with my grandparents german, car my
> grandmother was from Leipzig, my grandfather from"Klokuczka", his parents
> were"Ackersjuden",the mother of my grandfather was from Galicia" and my
> father from Vatra Dornei, Suedbukowina.../I remember now a evergreen in
> my youth:
> "Meine Mama stammt aus Yoklohama, aus Paris stammt mein Papa"
> I was born on the end of the WW1,in Czernowitz, so I am able to give you
> more details, than others, who were born in the 30.ies.
> I attended the primary-school Comenius", it was a german private school,
> math, sciences, history, were in german (it was a history for small
> children) only we learned also rumanian, as language.
> The famous israelian philosopher Ben-Chorin, said:"From your homeland
> you can be through out, from your mather language never (He was originary
> from Berlin)
> Now, a short story about language:
> I went to a roumanian high-school, a rumanian university for one year,
> after WW2 I lived for 40 years in the heard of Roumania, Ploiesti...and
> till now, I am going in the 90th, when I must add 47 to 89 I will do it
> in german...
> Once upon the time, it was in the late 80s, last century, I went with my
> late husband from London in an organised trip for 3 days to Scotland, by
> bus..At the meals we stayed on tables for ten persons and everyone told
> from which country he was...We were the singles from Israel. the others
> were from different part of USA, Hungary, Germany. When the row came to
> me I told them, that I came from Israel. An english lady, oppsite me
> looked at me, asking, but before Israel, where did you live? I answered
> frankly that I came from Roumania to Israel.....May be, you are telling
> the truth, but your accent is a german accent...your mother language must
> be german,,,,I am linguist, so I recognised immediatly your german
> accent.!!!And the elderly couple from USA, next to us, said to me in my
> ear:"We are jewish too"
> My english is bad enought, excuse me!
> Hedwig Brenner, Haifa.
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