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> Dear friends,
> Let's leave it as it is. It is good, quick, informative and a great
> work. Every morning we rush to the computer to get the latest
> information, and we get it. And the last thing at night. We feel so
> close to the city of our forefathers, as if we were still there,
> taking active and passive(?) part in developments.
> And the joy to see the photos of the streets, of the houses, some of
> them picturesque or melancholy or in shocking condition, we save
> them in our minds, in our hearts.
> All this thanks to a few people who have spent many hours building up
> an enormous treasure, ehpes.
> Our opinion.
> Gabriele and Eduard
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> Gabriele and Eduard Weissmann
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> D- 14057 Berlin
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I fully agree with Gabriele;
Bruce Reisch and Jerome Schatten are doing a wonderful job
and I think we should not change anything which works as well
as this list and website do.


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