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This from Gabriele Weissmann who wanted to share this find with the
group. It's in .mp3 format. Sounds like Josef Schmidt, but is it? The
name of the piece: "Wo ist das Gässele, wo ist die Sib". Here's the =
direct link to the file:


It's a large file, so I suggest if you don't have a high speed
connection to the net, you download it and save it, and then play it.

And here's the translation from Gabriele:

Below a translation of the Yiddish text (perhaps not as poetic) and
maybe you send it on Friday? We don't think it is Schmidt's voice, but
it is beautifully sung.

1) Where is the lane?
Where is the tiny room?
Where is the young girl?
Whom I love

2) Here is the lane;
  Here is the tiny room;
  Here is the young girl
  Whom I love

3) Where is the pond?
Where is the mill?
Where is the small village?
Where is the synagogue?

4) Here is the pond
Here the synagogue
Here the small village
Here the synagogue

5)Come into the room,
My suffering is great
All that is left
Is just a dream.....

6) The lane is no more
No more the room
No more the young girl
Whom I love

7)The lane is no more
No more the tiny room
No more the young girl
Whom I love

Thank you and have a lovely weekend. Hope the group enjoys it, however
melancholy it is.

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