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Thank you for your kind words about Tosia's memoir.
I believe the singer of "Wi is dos gessele...." is Jan Pierce.

Fred Schneider

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> Thanks, Jerome, for passing these onto us.
> the song-- for those who can who can hear it in Yiddish--music, lyrics,
and artist are especially priviledged. The language and the voice convey
the haunting quality of this tragic story that the English word "meloncholy"
fails to express.
> I don't believe this is Joseph Schmidt as his voice was pitched higher and
had a brighter sound but the vocalist sounds like a wonderful Cantor.
> And Tosia Szechter Schneider's descriptive words, again, are so moving.
I'm always surprised that although I've read numerous memroir- excerpts such
as this since 1990 when I began researching, each one sounds like it's the
first and incredible for its contents and the survivor's strength and
> Best regards,
> Jeanne Blitzer Andelman
> Cleveland, Ohio
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