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Thanks to Alfred Schneider for sending us this particular chapter
 from the book by his wife. It brought back lots of old memories.

My parents and I, were among the lucky ones, who remained in Czernowitz
during the war. I knew about Transnistria; my parents were occasionally
able to send letters and money to our relatives there, but to me, then a
just short of seven years old child, it was an abstract concept.

Then, the first of our relatives returned. He was Yankel Fruchter,
45 years old at the time. He was wearing two pairs of trousers, one on top
of the other, in the hope that the holes in one pair would not be exactly
where the holes in the other one were. He was crawling with lice;
you could actually see them moving and he was so emaciated that it was hard
to believe.

We lived in a one room apartment and all slept in this room.
So that, in the evening, when we went to sleep, I saw my uncle break
into tears as he got into bed. As was the custom, my mother stored
the bed-linen with sprigs of Lavender in between the sheets.
The touch of the smoothly ironed sheets and the smell of Lavender,
released the tears, he had been unable to shed before.

Later that year, I too, remember many trips to the market where the used
clothes were sold. Does anyone remember where this market was?


> My wife Tosia Szechter Schneider's book "Someone Must Survive to Tell the
> World" has been published recently by the Polish-Jewish Heritage Foundati=
> of Canada. It is the memoir of a young Jewish girl in Poland who somehow
> managed to survive the Shoah, but lost her entire family. The book is
> available at
> Shortly after their liberation by the Red Army at the Lisowce Labor Camp,
> the few survivors made their way to Czernowitz. Following are excerpts fr=
> the book in which sixteen years old Tosia relates her impressions of
> Czernowitz, a city only fifty miles from her home town of Horodenka, but
> which appeared to be on a different planet.
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