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Dear Helen, Thank you for your interest in GYPSY TEARS. You can read
more about it on my author's website

I would love to send you a copy which normally costs about $21 USD
and includes shipping. As shipping to Israel costs about $13, you
can see that you would only be paying $7 for the book. I would have
my publisher send you a signed copy. The book is only in English
right now. I wish I could get it translated into Hebrew, and also
into Russian. (Russian because the small group of elderly Jewish
survivors at my late husbands labor camp in Mogelov want so much to
read it, and they only speak Russian and Yiddish) I am open to all
ideas on this subject. Please write back and let me know if you want
the book etc.

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Dear Cora

My name is Helen and I live in Israel.
I would like to know more about your book, " Gypsy Tears ".
What is the book about and which period does it deal with ?

Can it be read in Hebrew , too ? If not, how or where can I order
one in English ?

I'm looking forward to your answer.
My best wishes to you

Yours sincerely
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