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From: Gerhard Schick <>
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 19:03:20 +0100
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Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger's work is not that unknown in Germany today - at
least among people who are interested in poetry. Lately she is mentioned a
lot when people talk about Rose Ausländer and Paul Celan from CZ. - Celan
being considered as one of the most important postwar German language poets=
if not the most important.

What is special about Selma is that her poems in a way seem to enter popula=
culture. A CD has been produced where some of the most famous German (pop)
artists sing or recite her poems. Educational projects talk about Selma's
work and life at schools. If you read German, you can see some of it at

Best regards,

Gerhard Schick
Landgrafenstr. 49
50931 Köln

> Eytan, Irene, Helene,
> Wasn't there also a play produced in Germany several years ago based
> on Selma's poetry? I think your Eytan's mother, Pearl, helped
> provide background to the producers and then was invited to the
> play's opening performance in Germany. Or is my memory off on this
> one?
> Best always,
> Bruce

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