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Eytan, Irene, Helene,

Wasn't there also a play produced in Germany several years ago based
on Selma's poetry? I think your Eytan's mother, Pearl, helped
provide background to the producers and then was invited to the
play's opening performance in Germany. Or is my memory off on this

Best always,

>My late mother, Pearl Spiegel Fichman, was a Czernowitzer who knew Selma and
>wrote about her in her book, Before Memories Fade. She cared about Selma's
>story deeply. The chapter, number 23, called Selma and Her Friends, is
>available online at
>for any of you who may not have seen it before.
>Eytan Fichman
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> writes:
>Dear Czernowitzers,
>Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger grew up in Czernowitz and died in Michailowka labor
>camp in 1942. She left a body of 57 poems -- that somehow, miraculously
>survived. We are in the process of completing the translation of Selma's
>poetry into English for publication in Northwestern University Press's
>"Jewish Lives" series.

>Irene Silverblatt and Helene Silverblatt

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