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Since I spent quite a few years of my life on Curacao, I knew Sheina
Fuhrmann (married Eisenfeld) quite well. Her daughter was a very good friend
of mine, and - when last visiting my daughter in San Diego - I located her
grand-daughter with whom I am in touch here and there via e-mail.

I also knew Isio Fuhrmann very well and was a frequent guest in their house.
Curacao is not a very well known island, I guess the neighbor island, Aruba,
is much better known as an island paradise. The ABC islands, Aruba, Bonaire,
Curacao, are all Dutch.

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> Does the family name of ANKER from Czernowitz (my
> grandma ROSE/her brother SIGMUND) ring a bell? She
> met/married Max Fuhrmann (from Austria) in late
> 1800's) and they moved, eventually, to San
> Fransisco......Rose's daughter (my mother) later
> married Herschel Schwartz (my father) and they later
> cruised to Curacao, explored SPRITZER & FUHRMANN,
> introduced themselves, met SHANA FUHRMANN, to discover
> they were cousins !!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Millard
> (MOSHE) schwartz
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