[Cz-L] Cvernivisti City Council response to what do "What the words "accomplishment", "elaborated" and "arranged" mean in your web page article Cemeteries Will Be Arranged ?

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Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 16:07:30 -0800
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Below is the reply I received to my email of 2/7/08, which was posted on
2/8/08 to the Cz discussion group.

I have sent another email to Tetyana Tatarchuk on 2/14/08, requesting
furthur clarification, which I am posting today, as well.

Gary Rogovin

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Subject: Chernivtsi Web-site
Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2008 11:46:42 PM

Dear Mr. G.Rogovin,

Thank you for your letter concerning the article about cemeteries in
Chernivtsi. We also thank you for your comments and remarks about
specific words used in the article and are ready to give more
explanation and specification.

  Of course we here have a number of language realia (i.e. words,
word-combinations etc. typical only for the Ukrainian language and
reality). And of course it may be sometimes difficult or even
impossible to give their adequate translation. However, I assure you
that we used best dictionaries giving proper translations (for
instance, look up in the lingvo.yandex.ru , one of the best Russian -
English and English-Russian online dictionaries). If you speak
Russian, you may check, for example, that the 4-th (not of course, the
1-st, but anyway) meaning of the word "accomplisment" is a complex of
cleaning, small reconstruction works etc. Accomplishment project is a
document that specifies types of works needed to be held on a specific
territory. I presume that such projects do not exist in the U.S.,
still they are elaborated (i.e. worked out) and realized here - due to
Ukrainian and local legislation.

The same dictionary gives the first meaning of the word "arrange" as
"place in a proper, convenient order" - this was meant speaking about
cemeteries. They need some ordering. As to the meaning of
"appearance", the dictionary.reference.com thesaurus gives its first
meaning as "act or fact of appearing".

In future we shall try to specify terms that may cause confusion. At
the same time, our goal is to be understood all over the
English-speaking world, not only in a specific country, though we
realize that due to peculiarities of speech in different regions of
the world there may appear such situations. We thank you for all your
remarks and if you have any more misunderstood notions we shall be
glad to give further clarifications.

Best regards,

Tetyana Tatarchuk,
International and Public Relations Office,
Chernivtsi City Council
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