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At 15:02 +0100 3/9/08, E. & G. Weissmann wrote:
>Dear Friends,
>It is rather surprising to hear about the exhibition being planned
>by Ms. Schevtchenko and Mr. Moskowitch. Some of us are feeling
>rather intrigued that
>Ms. Schevtchenko and Maite Prout did not inform us and that a lot of
>things are being undertaken behind the scenes. Why did they chose
>not to inform

Dear Gabriele:

With all due respect, it is not true that we were not informed.
Please take a look in the mail archives for the first email from
Maita Prout dated 29 November 2007 with the subject "Chernivtsi,
Ukraine". Here is a quote from that email:

"I am working with the City of
Chernivtsi and a Jewish organization (under the leadership of Natalia
Shevchenko), who are in cooperation planning to open a Jewish museum in
Chernivtsi, and, more immediately, prepare an exhibition for the city's 600
year anniversary celebration in 2008."

It's clear that we were informed in Maita's very first email about
plans for a Jewish Museum and an exhibition planned for the 600th
Anniversary celebration. Our discussions then focused on the more
immediate matter of how to help with the 600th, and there was little
further discussion of the Jewish museum.

>All the same, I feel many of us will try to contribute to this
>long-due exhibition, and let us hope it will become a permanent one.

Absolutely - I think we've always hoped for such a museum, so let's
give it all the support we can.

Best always,

>Best wishes for a good Sunday,

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