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Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2008 18:21:56 +0200
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Dear Gabriele,
     You write :
> It is rather surprising to hear about the exhibition being planned by
> Ms. Schevtchenko and Mr. Moskowitch.

       Surprising ? By whom would you rather have it planned ?

>Some of us are feeling rather intrigued that
> Ms. Schevtchenko and Maite Prout did not inform us and that a lot of
> things are being undertaken behind the scenes. Why did they chose not to
> inform> us?

      Why do they have to inform us at all ? Who are we , the Patrons of the
show ?
        Why should we feel intrigued ? Who are we ? Genealogy and History
Group ?
         one of so many nostalgia Czernowitzer groups.

Just by chance I found out about Mr. Moskovitch, also of Czernowitz
> origin and the intended collaboration, informed the List, Mimi caught on,
> and now it all comes as a surprise.

     You make it sound like we have been cheated !
       I think that it is wonderful that Mr . Moskowitch stepped in to put
up the Museum.
          With his qualifications -there is no better choice.
            We contribute, help , come and visit - nothing more.
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