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This is a follow up to Mimi's email about the museum. The museum, and the
600 year anniversary exhibition are the same project. I attended a meeting
last week attended by, among others, Natalia Shevchenko, the exective
director of the project, representatives from the project funder, a
representative of the local archives, at least one city representative (the
head of the Department of Economic Development, Natalia Filotova), a
rabbi, the architect who is designing the interior of the museum/exhibition
space, and others I did not identify. The purpose of the meeting was to
unveil an architectural scale model of the exhibition space that was built
by the architect. The architect showed the model and explained his proposed
layout. This was followed by a presentation by Ms. Shevchenko explaining
the nature of the exhibit. Mimi is correct that the exhibit focuses on
pre-war culture. It will not include the holocaust. The person who was
translating for me said that the explanation given by the executive director
is that his vision is to exhibit pre-war Jewish life and culture, not to
focus on death.

Ms. Shevchenko has seen the photos on this website, and would like to use a
number of them. We would greatly appreciate receiving express authority to
use photos from those who have posted to the site.

I'll write again when there is progress to report.

Maita Prout
United States Peace Corps Volunteer
Community Development Program
Chernivtsi, Ukraine
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