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In the book "Jews and Slavs" volume 9, there is an article
By Boris Khaimovich with the title:
Murals of Beit Benyamin synagogue in Czernowitz.

According to the article, this synagogue belonged to the Wizhnitz Hassidim,
was built in 1924 and the murals which decorate the interior were painted
shortly after. The author writes that the murals of Beit Benjamin synagogue
cover the whole space of the small praying hall, both the wall and the
ceiling. He describes the various murals and includes illustrations of some
of the murals in the article.

Does anyone know, where this synagogue is located in Czernowitz?
And whether it is open for viewing?

I believe that Mr. Boris Khaimovich is at the
Center for Jewish Art at Hebrew University.

(Miriam Reifer Taylor)
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