[Cz-L] Consent by owners , to the use of photographs on the "ehpes" website, by the organizers of the Jewish exhibition in Chernivtsi

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Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 09:31:29 -0500
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Dear all,

I have received a letter from Ms. Prout in which she writes that,
she and Mrs. Shevchenko have looked at the photographs on display
on the "ehpes" website and are very eager to use many of them
in the exhibition of the Jewish museum. They need the consent of Jerome
who is the web-master, which I believe he will send Ms. Prout, but in
case this is not sufficient and in the interest of speeding things up,
I urge all the donors of the pre-1945 photographs, to send Maita Prout
<maitaprout_at_gmail.com> a letter of consent to use the individual photographs
in the exhibit.

Possibly, for the sake of obtaining a better image, it may also be necessary
to send new copies of these photographs directly to Mrs. Shevchenko, or Ms.

Also, if anyone has more pre-1945 photographs, which might be of interest
for inclusion in the exhibit and which they have not donated to the "ehpes"
website, would you please send scans to Ms. Prout?

All the best,

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