[Cz-L] Follow up of my letter of March 21st "Use of photos"

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Dear Czernowitzers,

In response to messages I received from a number of you after
sending the list the letter of March 21st, I wrote Mrs. Shevchenko
another letter. The following are excerpts from my letter:

> I am afraid that I did not express myself clearly in my previous
> letters to you. In everything I wrote, I was speaking for myself only
> and members of the Cz.-List each will have their own opinion about
> contributing photographs to the proposed Chernivtsi Album.
> Some members of the Cz.-List, would like to be able to correspond
> with you directly, do I have your permission to give them your,
> Email address?
This is what I found about copyright on the internet:

> Copyright Protects a Vast Range of Materials
> Examples: Books, articles, photographs, paintings, sculpture, software,
> websites, ....
> Scope: Copyright can apply to any ³original work of authorship² that =
is ³fixed
> in any tangible medium of expression.² Protection automatically extends=
 to any
> qualifying work, whether published or not, and whether created in the U.S=
. or
> in almost any country of the world.

> Works are Protected Automatically
> Automatic Protection: As soon as you create an ³original² work that i=
> ³fixed,² you get copyright protection automatically.
> Copyright Notice: No longer is a copyright notice on the work required fo=
> protection,


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