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Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2008 23:11:52 -0400
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Dear Group:

Thank you for your responses. Several embraced Mimi's three points in
one way or another. And our reading of the three points is: Here's
the content WE would like to see on the third wall: [...]. Indeed
we, too, would like to see just such an outcome.

But as a group we must realize that the Museum is not ours to
micro-manage. We need to show some flexibility just as Mr.Zissels has
shown flexibility. We can offer suggestions, and Mimi's three points
can be included in that way, in the form of offering materials that
cover the three points. We could even volunteer to help do the work
and supply documents/pictures for that part of the exhibition. But I
don't think it will be productive or appropriate to use our support
as a bargaining chip. In our letters to Mr. Zissels we focused on
the inclusion of the holocaust in the museum. We didn't say that the
museum must include coverage of the resistance, deportation, creation
of the ghetto, etc. It would not be appropriate for us to put all
these provisos on our support now.

We have already achieved the major goal of having the holocaust
included. We can *suggest*, but we cannot in our opinion *demand*. We
could include the suggestions received from Mimi, Gaby, Charles and
others in our response to Mr. Zissels. As Cornel and Asher have
indicated, over time, the content of the museum is very likely to
become self-correcting.

Because this project is not our project, the choice of exact
materials may not be entirely ours, but there is now reasonable hope
that we will be heard and taken seriously. Thus the call for
flexibility. I think if we have it, we may win; if we don't, we
surely will lose.

Bruce Reisch (list owner)
Jerome Schatten (webmaster)

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