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Dear List Members
I am supporting Bruce's and Jerome's answer because we have no better choice - WE ARE NOT THERE! Therefore we must accept any step even the most insignificant towards the restoration of our past. If the building of our "Kultusgemeinde" will have an official status - that's a step forward. If something will be done in the graveyard which will preserve the memory of the victims - it's a step forward. If I understand correctly Anna Lenchovska's letter they already
have $500000 and intend to get more - that's no small sum. Let's see what they will do with it. Let's hope for the best. Who knows? maybe there will come a time and we'll even get back our Temple. "VE'AF-AL-PY SHEYITMAHAMEHA......." ( DESPITE ITS LINGERING....)
 A happy Pesakh to you all
Yosef Eshet (Jerry Wolf), Raanana, Israel
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