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Thank you Mimi,
   Thank you for opening my eyes .
     Until now the omission of the Holocaust by the Museum was an enigma to
       Why would a Jewish Museum do a thing like this ? And now you attract
our attention
        to the" beginning of the Holocaust " which they will accept .
         Beginning of the Holocaust ? What is this ? 1940-1941 ? This was
not the
          Holocaust we speak of.
               Then a light came up:
           This Museum is not a Jewish Museum , it is an Ukrainean State
        named " Jewish Museum of Bukowina ".
            They will decide what goes and what not.
           The Ukraineans hate the Soviets savagely. To expose Soviet crimes
is their
             favorite pastime.
              In 1940 the Soviets arrested and deported the rich people of
           the so-called "Burjui" to Siberia . As most rich were Jewish it
could be called
           an anti-jewish operation - but it was not , some were not Jewish.
            But it was definitely not Holocaust .
              The organizers of the Museum now want to to pull history one
year back
              and make the Holocaust cover the 1940 Soviet deportation.
                 This period is now offered to us as a Holocaust surrogate !
                Why not cover the Nazi Holocaust ? The real thing ?
                  Because of the participation of the local collaborants
,who took part.
                    This they will not have.Too nasty.
                          Thank you again Mimi, without you I wouldn't have
found out.
                                     We collaborate with this ?
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> Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>
> I understand Bruce's point of view and agree that we should not
> make demands, but at the same time, I would like to stand firm
> on our expectations. The wall devoted to exhibits about the holocaust,
> should cover ALL THE MAJOR ACTIONS taken by the Romanian government
> against the Jews of Cernauti and the effect those actions had on
> the Jewish population. In my opinion, this would best be presented
> in the form of facts and figures, copies of documents and photographs.
> I would not want the deportations of the Soviet era of 1940-41,
> nor the confiscation of property to be portrayed as having had quite
> as big an effect as the actions of the Antonescu government of the
> Romanian period. They did not. They were also not part of the holocaust.
> I worry that Ms. Lenchowska in writing "the beginning of the holocaust",
> meant only the the Soviet period of 1940-41 and that "the holocaust",
> as we understand the term to mean, will be omitted.
> No need to demand or bargain, but let's be explicit and firm.
> Taking in to consideration the suggestions of Bruce and Jerome,
> I will amend the letter I suggested we send Mr. Zissels and send
> it to the list for your consideration.
> Best,
> Mimi
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