Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2008 07:51:37 +0300
To: ANNA LENCHOVSKA <lenchovska_at_tolerspace.org.ua>

   Dear Mrs Lenchovska,
    I have read ,again and again your letter, in which you
     explain why the Holocaust will not be shown in the Museum.
       It will be shown only as a history period . (What is this?)
         Instead, the 1940-41 Soviet deportations are to be renamed and
     exposed as the Holocaust - remaking history.
      But the Ghetto ,Transnistria will not be shown.
         Mrs. Lenchovska , I am a simple Jew and do not understand
    very much , so I do not understand why should a Jew ,any Jew,
    oppose the exhibition of the Holocaust .
      The answers that the Holocaust Museum will be created later
    in the Cemetery ,where people will not see it, years from now
    if at all, is completetly unsatisfactory.
       Most of us may not live to see it.
       The Holocaust must be shown now, in the limited space available.
         In the city where young people do not know that there was
         a Ghetto , who was Traian Popovici , what was Transnistria !
          Of course the aspect of the Czernowitz Jewry in its splendor
           of the Golden Century should also be highlighted.
             Please show this to Mr. Zissels.
                  Hardy Breier
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