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Very well written ! Kol Hakavod ! In Cz. we used to say in such a case:
"Sug Ihm in Taten's Taten arayin".
I hope both Bruce and Jerome will include in their final response to Mr.
Zissel (Ms. Anna Lenchovska) all those points you enumerated below . Please
also see the two questions I raised in my E-mail to Bruce, Mimi and the List
dated April 4, 2008.
Regards, Abraham K.
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> Dear Mrs Lenchovska,
> I have read ,again and again your letter, in which you
> explain why the Holocaust will not be shown in the Museum.
> It will be shown only as a history period . (What is this?)
> Instead, the 1940-41 Soviet deportations are to be renamed and
> exposed as the Holocaust - remaking history.
> But the Ghetto ,Transnistria will not be shown.
> Mrs. Lenchovska , I am a simple Jew and do not understand very
> much , so I do not understand why should a Jew ,any Jew,
> oppose the exhibition of the Holocaust .
> The answers that the Holocaust Museum will be created later
> in the Cemetery ,where people will not see it, years from now
> if at all, is completetly unsatisfactory.
> Most of us may not live to see it.
> The Holocaust must be shown now, in the limited space available.
> In the city where young people do not know that there was
> a Ghetto , who was Traian Popovici , what was Transnistria !
> Of course the aspect of the Czernowitz Jewry in its splendor
> of the Golden Century should also be highlighted.
> Please show this to Mr. Zissels.
> Hardy Breier
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