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Dear Mimi,

I always appreciate and enjoy reading your mails.

My brother, a number of family members from Canada and the States and I will
be traveling to the Ukraine on July 11th. We will meet in Kiev and drive to
Czernowitz, where my mother and sister were born. From there we will visit
towns and villages north of the Dniester (Wolkowce, Borschow, Krivch, etc.)
where my father, uncle and other paternal relatives originate from.
I hope to get accomodations in Cz at the Cheremosh or Bukovina hotels and
will try and contact them by email.
You wrote in the past about a lady called Zoya Danilovitch who guided you in
Cz and the area. Have you been in contact with her lately and do you happen
to know if she still might be available as a guide?
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Zev Cohen
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