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Hi, my name is Reuven Rennert and my grandparents come from Czernovitz
and Radautz.
I am particularly interested in the religious life and minhagim of the
area. I have a couple of old photographs that show my great-great
grandfathers in what
I would consider Chassidic garb, and I'd love to find out what kind of
Chassidim they were if they lived in Czernovitz and Radautz.
Was every Chassid back then a follower of the Sadigora Rebbe or were
there other sects as well?
How many people of the religious jewish population were chasidic?
Are there any minhagim and religious customs that are particular to
Czernovitz or Radautz?
I would be more than happy about any clues, stories or memories
regarding religious life up to the 1930ies.
Thank you!

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