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Hi Bruce (I mean Bruce Reisch)!
In listing some negative aspects of a formal organization, you didnâ€=
™t explicitely mention that it will have to be “geographicallyâ=
€ť registered somewhere, that it will have to provide accounts every yea=
r, that it will have to accept external audit from time to time, etc.
Never mind, as long as this organization would allow us the same freedom of=
 opinion as our exchanges on the Cz-List does, this would just mean some add=
itional work.
I like many deeds of the WOBJ; I do respect, but do not share, all of its t=
argets. Therefore, I believe that a separate existence of the Cz-List is wel=
My comment on your message is certainly not an invitation to discuss the is=
sue: it’s just to say that I like the spirit of our Cz-List and feel=
 comfortable with it.
As you say, “In any case, that's just my opinion”.
Charles Rosner
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