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Hi Mimi.

My family was in Mogilev although my father had a "Popovici certificate"
because he gave it to some one else that needed it more, to his opinion.
That does not mean that I am not grateful to what Popovici did. I think that
the thanks to Popovici have to come from all the former Cernowitzer and
their descendants and not only from the survivors. Asher Turtel.

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I made some changes and corrections to the suggestion,
I sent the list earlier today. The corrected version is:

In this house lived Traian Popovici (1892-1946).
As mayor of this city, during the World War two,
he saved 20 000 Jews from being deported to
Transnistria and probable death.
In grateful remembrance from those he saved
and their descendants.

Anyone who wishes to suggest another inscription, please
keep in mind, that the plaque probably cannot be larger than
33cm X 55cm and might need to be smaller. In order to be legible,
each letter has to be at the very least 8mm wide and 10mm high,
the space between letters should be 3mm and between words - 5mm.

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