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Many people misspell the name of the governor, it was CALOTESCU, not
Calutescu. And here my two cents about Traian Popovici.
He was mayor of CERNAUTI. Berti's suggestion is the best I think,
mayor of our city. As a matter of fact in October 1941 some
18,000-20,000 people got residency permits, some because the head of
the household was RPL (rechizitionat pentru lucru), others because
various Romanian bigwigs, intervened with G-ral Ionescu (Calotescu's
second in command), and in the end the remaining 4-5000 who did not
have permits were supposed to be deported. They were issued so called
Popovici permits. Of course he was very much instrumental in the
first permits, pleading for the city's economy, especially since the
country was at war. The holders of Popovici permits were all deported
on June 14-th and 21-st 1942
        Best to all, Bobby
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