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Hi, Mimi,
It seems to me that your story that, my good old friend Salo Reifer, your
late father, exchanged a Popovici permit with a Calotescu permit is not
correct. He used to tell me that he had a Popovici permit and never
mentioned anything about an exchange, which was considered, at that time, as
a downgrading of the value of a Calotescu permit. However, the story
regarding the list of the 72 Jews seems to me as plausible and correct; we
knew about such cases and that's apparently the reason why you were not
deported to Transnistria and were permitted to stay in Cz. until March 1944.
My father had a Calotescu Autorizatzie and all Jews who had such Calotescu
Autorizatzie remained in Cz. until March 1944. I never heard that anybody
was asked to exchange a Calotescu permit to a Popovici; the other way
round - perhaps.
Regards, Avraham K.

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> Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>
> Dear Bobby,
> You are right about the spelling of the governor's name.
> I spelled it wrong.
> Please send us information as to the source of the numbers
> you quote and also the source of the information on who
> and how many were deported in the summer of 1942.
> I realize that I have combined what I remember visually,
> with incorrect information, to believe in an incorrect
> sequence of events.
> I thought that my family had a Popovici authorization
> which they exchanged in November 1941 for a Calotescu
> authorization, this seems to be wrong.
> I also remember that my family and I definitely hid
> during part of the summer of 1942.
> I have a photocopy of a document in two parts dated July 18th 1942,
> which was issued by the Cabinetul Militar of the
> Guvernamentul Provinciei Bucovina.
> It states that the Jews listed in the attached table, 72 in number,
> are to stay in place and are to be allowed to live at the addresses
> listed on the attached table. Possibly those who had managed to hide
> During the June deportations were allowed to stay.
> I do not have the complete list of 72 people, just 40 of them.
> There might have been other similar lists.
> Mimi
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