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Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 10:45:46 -0400
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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>

"Glucklich ist wer vergisst was nicht mehr zu aendern ist"
He is happy who forgets what can no longer be changed.

We cannot change what did or did not happen till now.
Let's concentrate on what we can do now and in the future.
We can have a commemorative plaque to Traian Popovici put up.
BUT... The language should not be provocative and the facts
Should be accurate to the extent that they can be verified.
In the meantime let's wait for the answer from Mr. Kylynych.
Please vote on the suggested inscriptions.
So far only 5 people have voted.

As to a street named Popovici, there was a street named
Elena Popovici, a continuation of the Strada Dimitrie Petrino,
in German Armeniergasse. I do not know who Elena Popovici was,
or what the name of it is now.
Keep in mind that the name Popovici among Romanians
is as common as Cohen among Jews.


> Dear All,
> We are now looking for the correct number of Jews saved by Popovici.
> The absolute truth.
> The truth that was witheld from the city for over 60 years.
> We speak of 20,000 or 19,600 Jews with 4000 deported later.
> Until now there is no mention of Popovici and of any Jews saved in
> Czernowitz.
> This is the prevailing truth in Czernowitz for over 65 years.
> Zero Popovici, zero saved jews.
> Now we want to put history right . The exact number.
> Popovici writes that he got the authorization to leave 20,000 Jews
> in Czernowitz.
> There is no reason to doubt this.
> As the lists had to be completed in 3 days maybe that due to
> technical problems
> they could not complete the number in such a short time.
> But his achievement stands at 20,000 .
> The city wants historical verity ?
> Where was the city for 65 long years ?
> Hardy

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