Re: [Cz-L] Video of Czernowitz?

From: Leo Spitzer <>
Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 14:43:21 -0400
To: Steven Lasky <>
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Dear Steve:
        There is no video of Czernowitz pre-WWII because there was no video
technology at that point that would have enabled this. Unfortunately
no home movies or film newsreels exist for the pre-war era (or, at
least, despite many inquiries, I have not been able to locate any).
In many other cities of Europe (as well as in the Americas) some
wealthier families did acquire 16mm cameras and did shoot movies of
family and surroundings. Most of these are on black and white film
stock but some were also taken in color. A very interesting BBC-4
documentary series -- "The Twenties in Black and White" and the
"Thirties in Colour" includes some of these home-movie and newsreel
There is at least one newsreel selection available (probably taken by
a Soviet news cameraperson) of the liberation of Chernovtsi. But, I
have not been able to locate any film footage of the Soviet take-over
of the Bukowina after the Hitler-Staling Pact.

Let me know if you have beeter luck and manage to locate any home film-
footage from the earlier period. We would all be extremely interested
in viewing it.

Leo Spitzer
Columbia University

On May 18, 2008, at 10:48 AM, Steven Lasky wrote:

> Greetings,
> Does anybody know if any video exists of Czernowitz before WWII? Has
> anybody made a documentary about Czernowitz? I would like to include
> some video clips of Czernowitz in my online Czernowitz exhbiition.
> Also if there has been a documentary made of Czernowitz, I would
> like to include a video clip within my site's Screening Room, so
> others can be introduced to it. Please supply me with any contact
> information you might have with respect to these videos, or at least
> give me as many specifics as you can.
> On a side note, curiously enough, there is an Anna Lasky (my
> surname) who is interred in a Mt. Zion Cemetery Czernowitz-
> associated burial plot. I have no idea who she is, but just
> maybe......
> Thank you for your attention.
> Best,
> Steve Lasky
> New York

Leo Spitzer
Vernon Professor of History Emeritus
Dartmouth College
Visiting Professor of History
Columbia University
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