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Hi Andy,
  Bombay is Portuguese not British.
   Bucharest is English, Bukarest is German.
     Why the Rumanian accepted these versions ?
        They probably liked it better than Bucuresti.
           What is wrong in naming the town in each version in the
particular language ?
        The Rumanians will find Czernowitz in the English version and feel
slighted ?
        Let them be.
           I was born in 1932 and Cernauti was a foreign word in our house.
            The drafts are fine, let us not lose time and push ahead.
              I have a feeling that we will now face the city censorship.
                They have the final say.
                  Not on how we call the city ,but on the all the rest .

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> Re: the plaque, the plaque - I promised myself to stay out of this
> discussion which has taken on a global dimension but I feel compelled to
> comment that in my humble opinion Charles Rosner's suggestion to refer to
> the city as "This City," is a brilliant one.
> I have for some years wondered why Romania has accepted outsiders'
> versions of their city names. Bucuresti is referred to Bucharest even by
> many Romanians. I don't know how and when and why this German version of
> the capital's name came into use.
> Technically all of us Czernowitzers who are under the age of 90 were born
> in Cernauti. Our parents were born in Czernowitz. A new member in my
> family once asked me, "What shall I call you?" and I responded, "The name
> is Andy, but I'll respond to 'Hey, you,' so call me anything but don't
> call after 11 p.m." Names shouldn't mean anything but they do to many
> people. India in recent years changed the name of its famous city,
> Bombay, to Mumbai, doubtlessly out of some national pride since Bombay may
> have been the name given by the British occupiers. Many Indians still
> refer to it as Bombay but out of respect I call it Mumbai.
> Respect for the feelings of all others is important. "This city" should
> really be adopted for the plaque.
> Best wishes,
> Andy Halmay
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