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This was my first reaction when I proposed the wording.
Our or this city instead of mentioning the name has the advantage of being:
 1) more personal, intimate and accepting a larger group to identify with
the text,
 2) avoid different spellings that as a matter of fact are only hair
 3) avoid the redundancy of being in Czernowitz and reading about it.
Unless the plaque is photographed and shown elsewhere it is clear what place
is meant.

We just want to impress on marble our thanks and affects to TP, let us do it
in the the least formal way.

Berti Glaubach

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> Re: the plaque, the plaque - I promised myself to stay out of this
> discussion which has taken on a global dimension but I feel compelled to
> comment that in my humble opinion Charles Rosner's suggestion to refer to
> the city as "This City," is a brilliant one.
> I have for some years wondered why Romania has accepted outsiders'
> versions of their city names. Bucuresti is referred to Bucharest even by
> many Romanians. I don't know how and when and why this German version of
> the capital's name came into use.
> Technically all of us Czernowitzers who are under the age of 90 were born
> in Cernauti. Our parents were born in Czernowitz. A new member in my
> family once asked me, "What shall I call you?" and I responded, "The name
> is Andy, but I'll respond to 'Hey, you,' so call me anything but don't
> call after 11 p.m." Names shouldn't mean anything but they do to many
> people. India in recent years changed the name of its famous city,
> Bombay, to Mumbai, doubtlessly out of some national pride since Bombay may
> have been the name given by the British occupiers. Many Indians still
> refer to it as Bombay but out of respect I call it Mumbai.
> Respect for the feelings of all others is important. "This city" should
> really be adopted for the plaque.
> Best wishes,
> Andy Halmay
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